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A New Twist on Wood

Glitch started out of a passion for woodworking. We started making unique home products with wine and bourbon barrels, transforming a raw object into a true piece of art. The barrels we use are over 30 years old and the character etched into each surface tells its own story. Constructed of solid white oak, its always a magical experience to rework these discarded barrels into useful and beautiful home decor.


Lovingly constructed from retired barrels and exotic woods from around the world, our products are hand-rubbed with mineral oil to create a luminous, food-safe finish.


Featured woods include white oak, walnut, maple, cherry, bubinga, tiger wood, purple heart, and yellow heart. But no matter where the wood comes from, you'll find a bit of the Blue Ridge in every piece, rich with character, grains and personality.We like to say —Wood with a twist!

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